Women who marry ” BOOK-NERDS “

MY QUESTION FOR THE DAY:  Why do girls, I mean women or should I say a lady with class only “date”  guys that are book-nerds and socially adjusted? lol socially adjusted, wtf does that means? What I’m trying say is the women who looks like (model wives). The one who is shopping everyday at the mall while the kids are at school.  The husband in his 4sq wall office with a half a window for just a little bit of sunlight. So he can see what the outside looks like , even though he doesn’t care. Because most of his time is spent reading a book from beginning to end ,closing a major deal at the office, and trying to spend 3 hours at least with kids on Saturday and Sunday.

Yeah I lost you didn’t I?  Yeah we were talking about the women who  judges before they marry. Now you got a 5,6 maybe short, maybe taller, who the freak knows. (shrugs)  All you know is she good looking, sexy in her own ways and she hangs out at a local bar with her girlfriends hoping to seek someone that fits her standards. Anyone guy in the world can approach this girl but she judging, and its very strict so don’t come with your little shot of  “Patron” or your little charming ways. It’s not going work for this sexy mama who standing around a bar with her “girlfriends”. After doing a long day of sitting at her desk and researching about “good relationship” on google [dot] com. (lol) well yeah the girl that’s in the bar right now is looking for a good relationship period, and yeah period. Now while her girlfriends are looking for anything right now just to have a good time with a young athlete guy, that girl your interested in, ins’t interested in you. She looking for that guy that makes her heart smile with joy. Joy for comfort. Not the joy of happiness because this lady doesn’t seek for the happiness. She seeking for comfortable spot in social class. Did I mention her standards? and wtf she was looking for. No I don’t think I did, the female that your staring at with such greatness and drilling over is looking ..mmhmm … Oh yeah the guy who’s hair isn’t comb’d and his  button-down shirt hanging out of his side.  Yeah and his wallet looks a little bigger than yours. Lol no way , you can get that girl right? Believe in yourself and you can do anything. Not so fast remember she judging. She finds the guy that looks a little awkward in a social setting and isn’t getting much play from females. That’s her target is what your asking? No that’s her heart smiling. She found her soulmate *coughs* no she found someone that fits her slot. This guy who has awful outfit is her man, her husband to be, YES!

Why ? Why ? Why? because he has a promising job, his sperm count is still good for her to pop out her 3 kids, and sit home and doing nothing but be housewife. That’s crazy right ? This gorgeous women you want is going choice to be with a “book-nerd” than be with someone is more socially active and still manages to get his financial side correct. Unfortunately YES!

Lastly, I’ve always questioned this whole marrying who fits the slot. Who fits ? nobody f*cking fits. You fall in love with whom ever and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. But women who do judge are making it hard for a man to separate differences. I know I’m being a little sexism. Would that be the correct word, who cares its a freaking blog. Not your American History book about presidents. Men as well due judge a lot. I kind of believe they judge more than women. (smirks) until next post.

*sidenote* a friend commented on this topic I had running through my head before it was a blog post.

 Part 1

its a proven fact that women are attracted to men who they know will be able to provide for her & the family she plans on having one day. so they may not be the best looking or have the most style but they know with them theyll always be taken care of financially. in the same way though men are attracted to women who they know can always take care of him and his family, someone he thinks can take care of the kids and the house & all that comes with being a good “house wife” .. go watch the movue sex appeal, it makes a lot of sense.
Part 2
well i mean yea im not speaking for every woman, i understand some women are really just gold diggers and choose a man with money over someone who she may actually love & loves her back. & im not saying women choose the rich man but they choose the one who they believe have more potential of getting there. When someone doesnt have good work ethic in school most people assume they have a horrible work ethic in ever aspect of life.. but at the same time you think that nerdy guy wants to be with an ugly woman? he knows why shes “into” him and he takes advantage because he wants to be able to show her off as his girl/wife/significant think trumps wife is with him because of money? hell yea.. you think hes with her because shes amazingly beautiful? double hell yea.


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