Fake Or Real?

Everyday we wonder who in our life is really there for us or who is there only out of convience. Friends come and go in our life. But what I question is who truly is your friend? The person that will be there when shit gets tough. So many people are fake now a days. They pretend to be your friend and say they are there for you but then when you are not around they talk shit behind your back. Even worse when you truly need them they turn their back on you. But when they need you for something, whether its a favor or an ear to listen to they expect you to jump for them.

Now before everyone starts to say anything, I am not saying everyone is like this. There are a lot of good people out there that are truly there for you but it is a little handful like one or two. The way I see it is you only have one or two true friends that will be willing to and are always there no matter what. Everyone else are just associates, people who only talk to you and act like they care about you when you are around them. These are the people that never hit you up and always want you to hit you up. I know a lot of you may agree and disagree with this. To sum it all up there are a lot of fake friends out there and very few real ones. My question is now which category do you fall in? Are you a real friend or a fake one??

  1. I believe I am a real friend, but it’s sad that none of my friends are real. They have all moved on… but I know they can do that without cutting anyone, but they did. I believe though that despite that, I can still be there with them if they need me.

    • Truly, that’s just how it is sometimes. Friends grow apart and move on. But if they are your true friends they will always be there at the end of the day. Friends always come and go. You just have to sit back and look at the whole picture. To see who is really worth keeping in your life.

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