Is It Really That Serious?

When you’re in a relationship with someone, the two big things besides love is trust and loyalty. Cheating is wrong but a lot of times it’s forgiven more easily when if the partner were to lie to them.

They say lying is wrong whether big or small. I agree and disagree at the same time. This is because a lot of times people lie to their partner to either protect them but more so to protect themselves. This is because they are insecure about themselves as well as trying to protect themselves. Its also because they’ve been hurt in the past by someone whether it’s an ex, even a family member or even someone they thought they could trust. Some people even lie to boost up their ego and their life to make themselves look good and make people like them more.

The way I see it is yes it does make things worse in the relationship if someone lies big or small. But nothing is worse then cheating. Just always rememember no matter how big the problem is in the relationship if you been in it for over a year don’t walk away try to fix the issue because no one is perfect everyone makes mistakes. Even you who is reading this probably has lied once or twice whatever the case may be or the reason why you did it. But most of all, keep your relationship issues between you two. Don’t confess your soul or look for advice to other people. The whole point of a relationship is to communicate and work thing out together. Not letting someone else solve it for you! And remember little lies do hurt but it’s not like the person committed murder!!

So my question to all the ladies and gents is, is it really that serious or is cheating worse?


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