Ladies Please Stop

This is my little rant. The reason I am ranting because all I am seeing is ladies taking shots at guys on facebook/twitter talking about “all guys are players/cheaters/pigs/etc…” I’m really trying to be nice about this but seriously some ladies are just stupid!!

If you act like all you have to offer is sex, that’s all guys will use you for. How can you expect guys to treat you right if you act like a slut? It’s all about the way you show yourself and what you choose to show. Listen ladies if you tweet 400 pictures to your twitter and 970 pictures on facebook, all of them showing your tits, ass, sexy poses, makeup on, bra shots and sh#t like that. Then how the f*ck is a guy going to be able to appreciate you for your mind and the real you? It shows that your mind is empty.

Ladies are quick to cry when they get cheated on but never ask why the hell the guy cheated. Most guys cheat because their girlfriends aren’t satisfying them physically or mentally. Honestly guys are only with certain girls for one thing and one thing only. Ladies out here care too much about displaying their relationships on facebook/twitter that they think thats how a relationship is supposed to be. Seriously ladies you don’t need to go toe – to – toe with other females about your relationships. Its not a competition. There is a such thing as privacy!! Like wtf!! Lol! Know what I’m talking about? A relationship should not be for the sole purpose of getting in good with other people. People showing off or throwing it in other peoples faces or getting your ex’s jealous or just to make yourself look good. Shit like that just makes you look pathetic like you seriously have no life. It just shows how truly insecure and weak you are. Heres the lesson for you ladies, if you are going to show yourself off like a slut or hoe, that’s how guys are going to treat you. Some of you ladies try too hard to be something youre not! Stop trying to be a fake, wannabe Kim Kardashian, Rosa Acosta, or Nicki Minaj!! They get paid to post shit like that up, not you!! Its not cute, its just making you look like a desperate cheap hoe!!


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