Should You Be JEALOUS???

I know everyone has a best friend of the opposite sex. It happens to a lot of people because they can relate. But my question is should you be jealous and worried about that friendship?

Its not a horrible thing to have a best friend of the opposite sex. But when you are in a relationship with someone for quiet some time, you have to understand that they might not like it or even be jealous about it.

There is a lot of reason why your boy/girlfriend could be jealous. I will just state a few. If your best friend is calling, texting you constantly while you are together and you are responding is a big issue to make your loved one start thinking something. Another issue would be if you are spending time with your boy/girlfriend and you decide to let your friend of the opposite sex hang with you guys or go meet up with that person. Nine out of ten the person you are with will get upset about this and it will lead to fighting or them ignoring you. If your friend is always coming by your job to hang with you and you are ignoring your loved one’s calls or texts, that will most likely make thoughts go into their head and make them get suspicious. And lastly if anytime you and your loved one are going out to drink, eat or even just go to a club and you end up bringing your friend, that is a big NO NO!!!

I know you wouldn’t like it if your loved one does it to you, and you probably would hate if their friend of the opposite sex is always texting, calling and hanging out with them. You would start thinking something to. But what most people don’t realize if you don’t speak up and fix this to respect your loved one, they will start doing things out of spite or always assume that you are cheating and not trust you.

So my question is to all the ladies and gents, what would you do in this situation? Would you be jealous and start questioning your loved one or would you not care?


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