Anger Is NOT The Answer

Let me start off by saying this is just a rant. You don’t have to like what I say nor do you have to agree with it. Every relationships have their ups and downs, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If a random “friend”, I put that in quotes because no one is truly your friend in my eyes, calls you or texts you while you are with you girl/boyfriend should they be mad and flip out? Especially if they don’t like the person who just hit you up. The reason I ask this because it happens a lot in relationships. What people need to understand is that females have guy friends and males have girl friends. Even though their may be issues in the relationship for other reasons. If you’ve been with the person for almost two years, you should never think they are cheating on you. Especially if you know their every move and they’re on your sh*t 24/7. Meaning they basically are tied to your hip. There is no need to flip out. Just because there have been trust issues before, I highly doubt the person is cheating on you. Especially if they can’t live without you and would do literally anything for you. All I’m saying is that we all have friends of the opposite sex! It happens! You just need to understand at the end of the day that person is only yours. Just because your ex before did you dirty and cheated on you doesn’t mean every girl/guy you are with are going to do the same. That’s stereotyping and it’s wrong! Never compare the one you’re with to your ex! That’s just makes the person you are with upset. Also, as mad as you get over someone texting your girl/guy, realize that the person didn’t know you were together at the time. Don’t blame or take your anger out on the one you love because of this. Its not their fault. And please don’t downgrade and call the one you love names because that person loves you. And if they’ve been with you for almost two years and gives you the world, even the last penny to their name. Know they are ride or die! To sum it all up, its ok to be jealous and upset about the situation. But talk it out and tell the one you love, by talking, NOT YELLING at them! You’re adults that are in a relationship so act like one! Newsflash to all: just because a guy/girl texts the one you love doesn’t mean they’re f**king!

PS: Never walk away angry from the one you love! Talk it out! Even it means going somewhere to talk until you settled the situation.

Written by: Dee


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