Would You Be Offended?

Had a conversation with one of my co-workers at my 9-5 about sex. He was explaining to me that a girl he has been seeing for a while now, decided to say thank you after they had sex. He told me that he felt extremely upset about it because he felt like she was paying him for the service. He explained to me that it’s just wrong to say thank you. This is because she wasnt saying thank you for having a nice date but she was literally thanking him for the sex and pleasuring he.


I would really like to know what you guys think….

If the female, male, significant other or whatever the person is to you that you are having sex with were to thank you after you do it. What would you do? Would you be upset or offended? Would it bother you or is it OK?


Written by: Dee

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  1. serenityluv1 said:

    I guess it all depends…I mean first of all at least she said thank you and not “what a waste” lol!
    If it was just sex with no relationship then thank you is just polite because that’s all it was…sex! (ijs)

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