Life Is Not A Walk In The Park

They say when you fall to “get back up again” and try again. And if you fall 1000 times you get up 1000 times. But I wonder… that best? What is the point of trying if every time you try, it make things a million times worse? You speak and others get offended, you try and the same result happens again. I guess I wouldn’t mind if every now and then the progress was seen IN others. Not by them. I’m not saying people should go “oooooh that person is doing better” but when your trying so hard, it would be nice to see , for example if a boyfriend and girlfriend have trouble talking, it would be nice for the boyfriend to see his girlfriend is making an honest effort and bite his tongue. Rather then him getting angry at her for trying to talk.

Life is a struggle. Nothing is made easy for you. You have to work hard in life to succeed. Yes, you will make mistakes and mess up really bad. But you just have to get back up, pick up the pieces and try to fix it. But most of all learn from it. Because if every time you fall or fail at something you give up, and don’t try again you will not make it in this world. You can’t please everyone. People will judge and talk, regardless good or bad. But you have to learn that its life. It happens. It’s a life lesson you will learn and grow from. So speak up and fight for what you believe in. Don’t give up on everything you fail at or make a mistake.


Written by: Dee

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  1. i agree! you can’t please everybody so it’s better not to worry about how to do it and just live life. thanks for a wonderful post!

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