Shame on You

I love how people get mad when you stand up for other’s rights. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion”? F**K that, not when it comes to.. racism, inequality, hate crimes, violence…wtf. So who the F**K are you to deem it “right” and be self entitled to harm another human being. People’s ignorance will always be the death of me. It’s just way too widespread. Crazy, you would think people would wise the F up & open up their minds. I feel so strongly for equality because it legitimately hurts me to see how much hate people possess. And how evil people are or at least can be. What if YOUR mother or sister were victims of hate crimes? Still okay? Yeah, didn’t fucking think so. Hate crimes don’t just happen to a certain race. They also happen to women, children, people of different religion. Even hate crimes happen to people who look different, or don’t fit into a certain cliche. People need to open their eyes and take a stand to stop it! It’s happening every day all over the world but no one does anything to stop it!

Written by: Dee


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