True Love

What is true love? Everyone wonders what it is. But no one truly has the answer to the question. Everyone has a different answer and view to what true love is. We all sit and wonder trying to figure out what it is and if we have found it. I know I have found mine.

This is just my opinion. No one has to agree or disagree with me. To me true love is someone that is always there. Through the good and bad, no matter what. True love is when you wake up and that person is the first thing you think about. It doesn’t matter if you guys are different. Whether its sexually, race; weight, height or personality. No matter how long the distance apart, whether it’s a week or a year, if the moment you see that person again. If your heart stops, and you need to catch your breath that is true love.

Reem and I have been together almost 6 years. Even though in the 6 years we were on and off and we dated other people. The love we had never died. There was never a moment that we didn’t stop thinking about each other or caring. It was just that we were both going through different stages in our life and weren’t ready for a true commitment. This is why I truly believe the saying “if you love someone, let them go: if they come back to you it was meant to be”. This is because the moment we reconnected after being apart for almost a year. All the emotions and feeling came back to us. From that moment we knew no one else was for us. We knew it was fate.

Since that day we reconnected, we have been inseparable. Our love is so strong, it’s unbreakable. True love is not what’s on the outside but what’s in the inside that matters. You could be complete opposites but still be in love. People might look, talk and judge you for it but that doesn’t matter. People will be evil regardless. All that matters is what you feel for each other at the end of the day. True love see beyond all the stereotypes. It just all goes back to the basics that true beauty and love comes from within. Not on the outside. If everyone followed what society truly wanted it would be such a straight world, with no diversity. Which is impossible in todays society.

Just remember true love is from what comes from within and how you feel with your heart. You will know when the time comes who your true love is. It might take time but eventually it shall happen. So don’t give up! have faith!

Written by: Dee

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