Stop Being Fake

Everyone seems to be your friend only when it connivence’s them. But then you see their true colors. Everyone seems to think they have tons of friends, until they all start dripping out your life for no reason. It just makes you wonder, were they truly ever your friend or were they just using you?

This topic comes up everyday in peoples lives. Whether it’s from experience or they actually witness it. It’s just sad that people start changing towards you when you are always there for them. Whether it’s because they are jealous because you are happy and stable or insecure with themselves.

From my own experience I can say this is true. All my friends loved me when I was single and unhappy. But the moment I let the cat out the bag that I’m with someone and I’m happy; I saw their true colors. First they started to talk bad about him, trying to get me to leave him. And when thru saw I wasn’t giving in and wasn’t letting it phase me, they all started dropping like flies out my life. It’s sad because these were people that I thought were my true friends! People I could trust and I was wrong! But I realized they are like this because they are alone and miserable and are just jealous that I’m not. I’m not trying to sound conceited at all because I’m not. I’m such a warm hearted, giving person. But I’m just tired of people taking advantage of me!

I know I’m not the only person this happens to. Because let’s face facts this happens everyday. People are just messed up! They use you until they see fit and then disappear out your life. Then when they see you months later, after realizing you’re good without them they want to act like sh*t is sweet and your best friends! Like really? Stop being fake! You only acting like that because you want to be nosy and know what’s going on in that persons life. Since they don’t give you the time of day anymore because they saw your true colors and the games you were playing.

But the worst is, when they try to compete with you and out do you! People need to realize that everyone is different. You have to live your own life and stop trying to act and be someone your not! Why compete or out do someone? You are just making yourself look pathetic!

So my question to all is are they real friends or are they just acquaintances? Can you say fake or real friend?

Written by: Dee


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