The Weekend Drama

Trying to please everyone will not work in your favor. Gaining people respect can be damned. I look for the loyal and respect from people and from there we will get along pretty well. I can careless about the being tough. I’m tough within myself, never do I have to prove something. Just give my RESPECT even if you don’t like me.

With a lot going I still managed to do work on this site and make my third video. I been doing a lot of research looking to make a big goal board. Setting up another five-year plan, along with a 10 year plan. Do you, do that ? I sort of forgot what it was like not to have one of those. I encourage everyone to make one even if it’s a list of thoughts or things to do.

Over the weekend I talk to some friends about approaching someone you like. A female friend of mine really likes a guy. She is head over heels for this guy and he doesn’t even know it. She is a very shy person but I don’t know why. She focused on a lot of the ( if and buts) part. I believe her biggest downfall is that she is more concerned with him being younger than her. Is age really that big of a thing, does age matter? Yeah when it comes to a maturity level. But I believe you don’t know what age you’re gonna get when dealing with someone. You might meet a person. Who might be 34,27,21,18,  but…. but … your probably dealing with a kid. Someone who doesn’t even have anything going for them. Who see’s everything as a joke. Nothing sparks your interest anymore just the simple attraction part. But I believe you can fall in love with anyone of age and find that you can be happy whether the person is the same age, older, or younger.

Clarifying my point don’t judge !! Age is nothing but a number, looks isn’t everything, but maturity level is the golden.

Moving on … definitely working on new videos, funny videos, and the web episodes.  I did the latest one out peer boredom.

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