A Piece of Paper Doesn’t Mean Anything!

Some people in this world are straight up ignorant and rude! Just because you’re in college or have a college degree does not mean you are more intelligent or better than anyone else! NEWS FLASH : everyone is intelligent in there own way. Putting someone down by trying to make them stupid is just wrong!

What most people don’t realize is a college degree is just a paper. It doesn’t make you holier then anyone else. A lot of people in today’s society have college degrees but are unemployed. So what does that tell you?

Many people don’t have college degrees and are very intelligent. They may not be able to recite Shakespeare to you, but they are able to hold an adult conversation and make it I’m today’s world. So many people without college degrees are working amazing 9-5 jobs. Maybe, it’s luck or their personality but regardless of the factor they were still able to make.

What people need to realize is college is not for everyone! Just because a person didn’t finish college doesn’t mean you are any better than them! It also doesn’t give you the right to put them down, shut them down or make them look stupid! You don’t realize that you are truly offending the person and it might come back to bite you in the ass!

So GET OFF your high horse and just STOP being ignorant and think you the sh*t! Because most likely your sh*t stinks just like everybody else!


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