Don’t Be Scandalous!

Some females complain about not being in a relationship well stop getting dick down by everyone & maybe someone will take you serious. You dislike being called a hoe, slut, whore, homie hopper. Stop doing scandalous things that give you them names!

Females fail to realize that the way you portray yourself is how guys will treat you! If you are always going out partying, drunk and loose you will get a reputation! You don’t need to hook up with every guy you meet or sleep with them! You might as well come out naked or put naked pictures all over your Facebook and Twitter !

But the worst is when females try to act like they are all innocent! Be real! Don’t talk bad about males and their whore ways if you are doing the same thing! What ever happened to being a lady and having respect for yourself? Giving it up to every male you see, is not the answer! Then you wonder why no one wants to be in a relationship with you! Just remember men gossip about who they have hooked up with just like women do! So know even though you don’t think people know what you’ve done, they do! So wise up and be a lady! Not a whore!

Written by: Dee


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