Is His Size A Deal Breaker??

Going through all my favorite blogs today I came across a post that truly caught my attention. To sum it all up, it was about women who stayed with men even though they don’t do anything for them. The reason why they stay is because the man has a big dick!! Well excuse me is all I have to say!! A man’s size should not matter! It is not going to get you far in life nor is it going to support you physically, emotionally or financially. The only thing it will do is satisfy you sexually. The way some women think is crazy because a guy could be very sexy, smart and financially stable but because he is not a big size, women would rather have a loser with a huge dick.

All I have to say is where will that get you in life? Will it pay your bills? Put clothes on your back? Feed you?? Hmmm… let’s think about that?? How about no! I truly don’t understand how women can stay with a man who does nothing with his life. But since he has a big dick. It makes up for all the things he can’t do.

If your relationship with a man is just based on sex, you might have a problem. A relationship needs takes a lot more than just sex. But maybe I’m wrong because I am only just one female with an opinion. Some female out there in the world might just want the sexually part to a relationship. But never want kids nor marriage.

So my question to all the females out there. Would you stay with a man who is broke, no job, and does nothing just because he has a big instrument in his pants. That can make you blow high notes?


Written by: Dee


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