Represent Ya Love

Let’s begin with saying this post may get a little confusing. When it comes to PDA (public display affection). How many people have problem expressing themselves? Some do and some don’t. One factor of a relationship is representing your partner. When a relationship begins you’re at chapter 1. Where everything seem interesting and exciting. Next it’s getting affiliated with family and friends. Then its holiday,birthday, and anniversary gifts. Lastly the big decision comes where you decide whether you would like to keep this relationship going or on to the next one.

We missed the part where days become weeks, weeks become months, and months become years. When dating someone for over sometime you start to publicly private. Sharing only things that matter the most to you and your partner. Representing your love for the person comes natural after a period of time. Where you don’t just go out without telling the other person. Also defending your partner becomes secondary to the relationship. The love that’s growing inside you… For the other person is unconditional. (Lets just say depending on what kind of relationship you’re in)

Do you think representing is important?

Would it matter to you? If your partner dressed inappropriately everyday, or even dressed appropriate for the occasion. Do you feel like who ever you’re dating should represent you even when you and that person isn’t standing beside each other. Married couple do it everyday. They wear a wedding ring that symbolize that person taken by someone in this world. But does that mean that person represent their partner? My opinion NO! Because I could talk so much about my wife at work and to my friends and family. But then she could be at work and not say nothing about me. May even put her ring in her desk for the day. When she leaves work put it back on….. (sounds like your situation?)

Facebook, Twitter & other social sites ?

Does Facebook ruin 90% of relationship? Does Twitter ruin your long emails that you use to share with your partner. Now your sharing more of your thoughts with the world. When it comes to this part of your relationship there should be no secret with your partner. Both parts should have privacy to their accounts. ( meaning I shouldn’t have my wife password to Facebook or twitter) why? Because I trust her and now she not going behind my back trying to find her prince charming when she already find him. =)

Wait, Wait, Wait but what happens when your girlfriend/boyfriends are not directly talking to anyone. But their statuses are in the third person and stating they like, want, or throwing subliminal out on the inet world. How you suppose to feel about that? SIMPLE ignore that statuses. “Sometimes they get overwhelming” and you want to scream shout about nothing. It’s usually just question & answer your ranting about but you seem to scream and shout it out. Now scroll back up to the time where I said representing your partner. Doesn’t matter if you know one can see you behind the screen. You still representing your partner and martial statuses. So ranting and blogging, about how much you want to go to a club and dance on a bar, stay out late, or want to cuddle with someone on cold weather days. Your still representing your partner.

My point of this post. Which I know at this time your probably telling me to shut the fuck up! or might have hit [x] in the top right corner of the page. But….. I feel as if you’re in a relationship, and both parties take it serious you shouldn’t make certain statements on Facebook or twitter showing a side of being single. Representing is everything. Even if your hate your girlfriend/boyfriend husband/wife keep together. Respect yourself and your partner. Value your relationship flaunt it and if you don’t want it. Throw it away.


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