Morning Wake Up Call

When you wake up in the morning, you always want to wake up happy. Whether its a sweet text or email from someone you love, care for or like. I woke up this morning with a beautiful poem from Reem ! Truly gave me butterflies in my stomach. Here is the poem:

“When I look into your eyes. I go crazy, because I want your loving that deep love. The one you share with me everynight when we making love in the bed. I would give you everything, everything even down to my last dropping blood. Just to have you always. I am glad I have you because you changed me into a man. The man I wanted to be . I will always stand by you. My furture wife to be and the mother of my kids.. 🙂 luv u baby 12/18/09 D ❤ R. "

It's the little things like this that keep relationships alive. Not saying you have to write a poem every morning for your partner, but a good morning or good night text and I love you will make them feel good. It shows then that you care and how much you love them. Just remember there are other ways to keep the spark and love in the relationship alive besides sex! Sex is just a bonus in a relationship.

  1. serenityluv1 said:

    That’s so sweet. I totally agree its always nice to get that wake up call, text or whatever!

    • It truly is. It makes my day.

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