Love Letter

“Being you has brought me from the dark. I can only say that with out you there is no me. Baby when I look into your eyes I see love and the love you cant buy. Im glad I found you after all, the other BITCHES were bitches! I knew since I was 17 I loved you and I told you that back then and I meant it. And now its unfolding and I’m glad you see the truth. There only you and only you nobody else. Your the one I wake up thinking about and yearning to sleep with at night. Your my wife and the mother to be of my kids and I will put a big diamond ring on your finger because you deserve it. I love you always and forever. ”

Love is not easy to find. Sometimes it takes times and lots o mistakes. But when you find true love like this never let it go. I truly love getting random emails like this from me. It melts my heart. He makes me realize that I truly have a good man by my side. That I’m lucky. Not a lot of women can say they are in love with a man and that that man is their best friend and lover.


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