Just Smile

You know people can be so awful! A hot mess is what I call them…Why is it that when you are at your lowest moments you have such a crowd? This is how you get linked to fake friends,,, thinking because they are calling to check on you daily they are concerned. Thinking when they cheer you on to make a fool out of yourself they are your friends. Guess What??? They are most likely not and more likely to be people who loves drama and laughing behind your back! I rather a person tell me the truth even if we don’t agree. Sometimes we need a second opinion see how we look from the outside, because when you are caught up in a situation its easy to become blind to the truth. But if you are not a real friend leave me the hell alone…Life has enough stumbling blocks without the stones you want to throw at me.

Smile and when they ask how you are doing tell them you are doing just fine!! Even if you think you’re having the worst day, still smile and say I’m fine! I mean you are alive, right? Then you are fine…**lesson from church**

~I see people who use to be loving me so much when i was dripping bad blood everywhere I went from my broken heart and now that they see me starting to smile a little they turn their nose up and give me a fake wave~ Why? Because they didn’t want to see me happy in the first place…well the show is over folks! I deserve to smile like everyone else.


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