T.I. And Tiny

Some of these Reality Shows has been getting on my nerves! Yet, I really enjoy TI & Tiny Show. Maybe it’s because I’m so in love with TI. I love his swagg his voice, and the fact that he don’t try to sound ignorant every time he speak. He seems to show so much love for his children! Applauds him for at least showing that there are black men who does give a damn about their children!! He is a bit aggressive though, that spank on the ass kind of made me raise an eyebrow! Damn I wished it was my ass! LOL! And how he protects his children just melts my heart!

On the flip side…I need to watch a little more but I think Tiny is cool and so far I’m feeling their bond. Okay here it goes…but she is so damn ugly! Geesh, I kept looking for a good view of her! NOT! Mz Piggy looking chic but that shows you a real man can look pass your looks beauty is skin deep. Proven fact just look at her! LOL

Overall I think this is going to be a good show. I won’t hate on them because they seem to have a great relationship. Yay! At least someone does…


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