Just wondering what can it be, Your beauty, your aggressiveness? What can it be? These are questions that I wonder everyday.

Nothing is more precious than yourself; you show charisma, positive attitude and a bit of craziness that leads you to the category of normality. No such thing as being normal, if you were than that will be
Weird because you would be like everyone else, boring with no type of excitement, up to new things, and not up to explore what the world brings you. I don’t think you would want that to happen in your life. I know you struggle, but hey! Don’t we all?

We have to suffer in this world to be able to pursue happiness and not take it for granted. Suffering is a way of revealing your inner self, what are your weaknesses, strengths, your purpose. I wonder if we all knew our purpose in this world, how would we view it and how would it actually be?

In my opinion, everyone would take everything they have for granted because they would already know if they would either be rich or poor, fat or skinny, intelligent or dumb, etc. They wouldn’t actually be any type of way to distinguish your weirdness, your normality that makes you unique, what shapes you as your own person.

Architects always take their time to build houses, buildings and factories. As for us, we are architects of our destiny, education, and how stable we want this bridge that we are building to be. Which would actually be very concrete to find out your purpose?

There isn’t enough to lean on to be able to say “I can stand on my own.” While we all get the help of someone, regardless of how much we tell ourselves we don’t need it at all.

There is something in us that always asks for help in some type of way. Our soul carries someone that in our hearts we imagine is perfect, something that no human being can seek for as we all are imperfect. Better yet, for you to believe that there is a being out there that is perfect, you have to believe in the imperfection of yourself.

The mistakes are made, for no reason at all. They make you realize that there is lessons to learn, not one or two mistakes can make you learn them even after you say “I’ve learned my lesson,” you are lying. Lying to yourself honestly, even though others care but is you that at the end is hurting. Everyone else gives you a shoulder to lean on, but as long as you don’t feel cured and that you actually learned something you won’t be okay. One mistake, shame on you, two mistakes, shame on me, three mistakes…who are we blaming? Too much already. Learn the lesson the first time and stop committing the same mistake all over again.


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