No Sex, No Ring

Hmm, Several of my friends been sharing their thoughts on the theory of dating and getting to the next level. Majority of the women say don’t give away the goods for free because you will become a convenient sex slave. Yet, majority of the men say sex the hell out of the dude and make him want to put a ring on it! Therefore, I’m sticking to my theory of doing what’s right and what makes me feel good about myself and that’s having closed legs and who said closed legs don’t get fed~lied. Shut up **i hear y’all men saying not as much* laughs!

I believe in samples every now and then…hell I am human you know! Giggles**

I think it’s best to keep your legs closed until you are married, in a perfect world, but since we do not live in that kind of world, I say keep’em closed until you at least know what you want out of a relationship or know you have found that special someone who you will one day marry. Being Single is no excuse to be a whore. I mean just think if you sample every man you date until you find Mr Right…you may end up worthless~bottomless!

If he thinks your worth it he will wait and you will get your ring!

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  1. Sounds like a realistic approach… have ideals while being realistic…

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