Rarely Done For Love

We are told from teenagers that we should wait to have sex until we are married, until we fall deep in love. How many of us waited until that moment? I’m sure some of us thought we were in love when we so willingly dropped our little panties to the floor for that so-called first love. How many of us use that term “he was my first love” knowingly he was far from that!

As adults we really gets careless with sex…we do it for money, control or just simply for a nut! We open our legs like we open our eyes in a blink! I am still a hopeless romantic and believe sex is such a sacred and personal thing that should be shared with someone you love. Today we are faced with so many diseases and diseases that can not be cured. Sex is Great when it’s done right and that’s the problem right there. Sex is great when done right and it doesn’t have to be with the right person!


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