5 Reasons I No Longer Talk To You

I got a text message on my phone about 10 minutes ago from an unknown number. So I text back and asked who it was, and in return the person responded saying “So you deleted my number” … haha … typical. This is nothing new to me, I delete peoples numbers all the time. If I don’t use it, it’s simply taking up memory space on my phone! I will make no excuses for having deleted you, none whatsoever; I deleted you because I felt it was necessary for one of the following 5 reasons.

1. You add no VALUE to my life. This is probably the reason for most people that get the delete from my precious phone book. If you add no value to my life, what is the point in you being here? By adding value I mean, does it make a difference to my life to have you here or not; even in the slightest? If it doesn’t, and it never has and doesn’t seem that it will in the near future then let’s stop wasting my memory space and get ya delete on! We don’t speak, we don’t hook up, we don’t even text except on Christmas and New Years – Please .. you got to GO!

2. You’re fake. I hate fake people. People who be who they think people want them to be as opposed to being who they are. I don’t fuck with people that I don’t think are genuine. If for any reason, right or wrong, I think you’re not being 100 with me then I’ll cut you off. The only person who will really know if you’re being real is YOU, you can’t make me think you’re real if I think you’re fake and so I don’t ever ask anyone to try. I’ll make my decision and cut ya ass off!

3. You betrayed me in some way. You will never hear from me again … point blank, period, case closed.

4. I don’t trust you. Trust is one of the few things we have to build real solid relationships on. I’m someone who trusts very few people, but I don’t distrust anyone until given reason to if that makes sense? Just because I don’t trust you, doesn’t mean I think you’re shady … it just means we’re on neutral ground. However if you do some shit where I feel I have reason not to trust you. Then you go from being on neutral ground to being in the minus and I don’t fuck with that at all.

5. I Just don’t like you. Simple. I just might dislike you. There’s nothing I can do about it. I’m a very unforgiving person and I don’t try with many people. If I don’t like you then chances are I never will. Best thing you can do? Just leave it alone, don’t get in my space and I won’t get in yours.

So it will 100% be for one of the above reasons as to why I deleted your number …

There’s very little room to come back from the delete, so I probably wouldn’t waste my time trying if I were you!


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