Don’t Hit Your Man

Or so help me I will punch you in the tit.

This is possibly one of the more infuriating things I find about some women. This belief that it is perfectly okay for them to hit a guy because they are a guy and guys aren’t supposed to hit girls.

Want to watch me go zero to apeshit? Hit him in the head with something. I have threatened a number of ladies for this poor choice of behavior.

Why? Because as a reasonably self respecting lady I feel it’s my duty to police this behavior. I’ve known a few chivalrous guys in my time and chivalry is something of an endangered species. Not to mention the fact I would really like it if these select twats would stop ruining men for the rest of us by reinforcing that ‘nice guys finish last’ in their head.

No thanks, I like my nice guys over lady punching assholes, thank you very much.

Short of honestly feeling endangered, there is no reason to hit a man. Or I suppose to prevent myself from sounding a hypocrite, lightly on the shoulder if you are on friendly terms is alright in certain cases. I’ve slapped a few of my guy friends on the shoulder or arm for stupid behavior, but A. we’re friends and B. I simply don’t hit hard enough to do remotely anything and I know it doesn’t bother them.

No, what irks me are these ladies that just start hitting their guy when it hasn’t really been prompted with the intent to hurt, or try to hit them in the head or God forbid below the belt because they’re mad.

Sorry, if a woman hits a guy below the belt and it was not in the nature of self defense, all bets are off in my book. Period. He has every right to punch you in the face. He doesn’t hit you when he’s mad, you should offer the same courtesy.

There are a lot of guys that are taught not to hit a girl. When I was younger I didn’t really understand that explanation from my guy friends.

“Why aren’t you defending yourself? Why don’t you hit back?” I’d ask when they brought their shoulders and arms in to block the blows instead of fighting me like they did other boys.
“I was taught not to hit girls, not ever.”

Puzzled, I’d stop punching my guy friends because it just didn’t seem right. It would be like the hero curb stomping the bad guy on an episode of the Superfriends. It wasn’t fair and really, it was rude. Funny I guess, but still rude.

I never liked it when people used one of my personal beliefs against me so beating on a guy because I knew he wouldn’t hit back just didn’t ever sit right with me. If I can come to this conclusion at 7, why on earth do women triple that still beat on guys?

Society already pressures men not to hit women and not to complain about being hit. They’re already taught to suck it up and ‘be a man’ about it, so of course they’re just going to shrug it off and likely not tell you to knock it off.

That doesn’t give you a right to hit him for it. Just like we don’t want to be mistreated for things, they don’t either. Just because you aren’t bruising them doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong or abuse you dumb broads.

Ladies, if you want to be treated like a lady, act like one. Abusing the fact that a guy won’t hit you because it’s so heavily frowned on in society doesn’t make it right. And it’s especially cruel of you to do that to a guy who was raised to be chivalrous to women.

That’s like teaching your dog to sit patiently and wait to be let outside, only to hit him on the head for holding you up at the door.

Stop. Being. TWATS.

And ladies, I hope you defend your guy friends from this behavior as well. It’s a lot easier for us to call a girl out on her shit then it is for a guy, so do you part.

Also, thank you to any guy reading this who still firmly believes in not hitting women. It is greatly appreciated, so don’t ever feel discouraged to stop being nice guys because a few tramps are being tramps.

Now I’m not saying I’m a perfect girlfriend. My boyfriend and I have had our share of fights and in our whole 2 years together I have hit him 3 times and I regretted it. I realized I was taking my anger towards the world, my family and my ex out on him. And it was wrong. Ladies please don’t do this. You don’t want a man to hit you so don’t hit him.


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