Have you ever just went back and read over some of your old letters or older post? Have they changed any or are you still in the same place? I’m asking you do you see growth or any movement at all. Sometimes it takes us to take a glance back at where we have come from to see where we are going or what we have accomplished. Beware some of us will look back and become slightly depressed when we realized we are still stuck in the same place. Still caught up on the same shit, the same hurt and the same pain or just out right stuck on stupid. Well…it’s a new day and you could try moving forward. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done, but this is my new motto here: Moving forward and Moving On!

Wishing I you could erase the hurt and the past pain will not happen. The shit just don’t disappear like that so one must accept it as a learning experience. And remember only you can control you and your actions only!


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