10 Turn Offs

Here are some things that instantly turns me off! Honestly most of the time once you do one of the following I automatically don’t like you. Sometimes I might overlook it because you have other good traits but I would never consider you as a mate. Now everyone have their deal breakers or things they hate but here are mine.

1. Lack of respect for women~ such as referring to any woman as bitches or whores and other degrading names that you would not like for anyone to call your sister, daughter or mother.

2. A Gossiping Man~ men that talk more than a woman and keep up more drama than the next chic just pisses me off!

3. Broke Lazy Man~ Unable to financially support yourself and looking for a free ride.

4.Baby Mama Drama- Who doesn’t hate this one?! LOL

5.Immature Mind Set- Can’t see pass the physical, trying to get my golden kitty type man

6.Liar- A man who just lie about simple shit, things that is not even worth lying about

7. Lack of Intelligence~ If you can’t hold an intellectual conversation…um your worthless to me!

8. Has nothing to add to what I have or already know

9. Stingy~ Got money but won’t spend it is worse than having a broke man who want to spend money on you but don’t have it! LOL

10. Use lame as Pick up lines

Now there is so many more but these are the ones that come to the top of my head!

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  1. you see here is the problem, you need a man, not kid.

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