You Are Leaders!

I can’t tell you how much I hate doing these “tributes”.  In my mind they set a tone of regret, like I’m missing my water because I allowed my well to run dry.  I will cry for a minute then later go on to other things, which strikes me as not having paid true homage.  It’s a difficult and twisted thing in my mind.  I always look at what people put up on their blogs and FB pages after they have done a tribute to someone who passed.  Within a day or two, many are on to the next thing, because, well, that’s life.  It strikes me the wrong way for some reason.

Can I say that I wasn’t a big fan of all of Whitney’s music?  Yet I truly loved her from the beginning of her career.  How is that possible, especially since I didn’t know her?  I dont know.  There was something magical and beautiful about the woman…

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