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I came across an article on BallerAlert today entitled “5 Ways Women Play Themselves While Dating” and although I agreed with all five items mentioned, I felt the need to make my own list…as usual. By having a lot of male friends and my own extensive dating history, I found that the following five things needed mentioning…So here you have it…

 Jazzzy’s own “5 Ways Women Play Themselves While Dating”

1) Don’t talk about which other men you know… not your “homies”, your friend’s friend, that one time you met so-and-so…NOTHING. Men will automatically assume you have either fucked them or that they have tried to holler at you. And if they know the other guy personally, they might even reach out to him to confirm or deny any relationship he may have had with you in the past… or even any current correspondence between you two.

2) Even if…

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