Undying Love

I’ve never been good at communication, when something is bothering me, my instinct is to get
super defensive, and automatically get mad at everything. It’s not a healthy
way of dealing with a stressful situation, at all, and I’ve learned that. It got to the point
for a while, where I was unapproachable. My boyfriend didn’t like to come to me and express
to me when something was bothering him, because he was afraid of my reaction, since I was
always getting MAD when something came up.

It was not healthy for me, or my relationship. We went through a rough patch for a while there (which is nothing I am ashamed of, most couples do! and I shouldn’t feel ashamed to be honest about that).
Then finally it got so bad,and everything was thrown out in the open. It was time to either change,
or say goodbye. I wont take the full blame for this, because my boyfriend has never been very
good at communication either, it’s both of our weaknesses. With him, he’d rather suppress it,
and with me, as I said, I got defensive. I’d shut down. Get mad. It was pointless sometimes trying to talk to me.

We’ve been together almost 3 years now. I had been in one REAL relationship before that, and
we were friends, we had fun, but I don’t know how serious we really were when it came to communication. I was always hearing from people, that communication is SO important. It can make or break a relationship. It is the KEY to any relationship. I took it so lightly and was like yeah yeah yeah I’m good, I know how to talk, whatever. I was wrong. I think it’s important in ANY relationship to be open with one another, and be able to talk through difference in opinions, and any issues you may be having with one another, without either shutting down or getting so defensive that it starts a big fight. I’ve had friendships end lately because of the lack of honesty and communication. Just letting every tiny little thing go.. until it built up to the point where now we can’t stand each other.

Reem and I weren’t letting that happen, and I thank god for that. Our relationship the past few months has been stronger than ever, and continues to get stronger every day. I’ve learned to be patient.. to express my feelings if I’m frustrated with something he’s doing or something he’s said, I can tell him, NICELY, and we can talk it out. We’ve been through so much, and getting through that little barrier, was one more obstacle.

With Valentines day being tomorrow, I just want to say really.. that the best feeling in the world,
is to open those doors. To be honest, and patient, and to really communicate honestly. To really soak in what your partner says or your friend says, and to value their opinion and feelings aswell, even if at
that time you feel like your world is ending, or your SO angry, and it’s all about YOU YOU YOU, it’s not. It’s such a good feeling to know that you can talk to your partner.. I’ve never felt more in love with Reem, as I have lately, now that we’re REALLY working through that issue. Sure there are still days where we just bump heads over everything, but that’s life. I’m excited to see how far we can get and how much more love we can have for each other with how well we’ve been… and I want to continue to work on these skills with EVERYONE in my life, to make all of my relationships that much stronger.. and so I can be that much better of a friend, girlfriend, wife to be and future mother to his children.

P.S. Here is the video to our song.


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