You Need It, Even Though Its Bad!

A relationship won’t last if there are no arguments and no misunderstanding between partners. Why? Because it means that neither you nor your partner care enough about each other’s feelings or the relationship that you are in. It’s like the saying whatever happens, happens. As for me, I do have arguments with my boyfriend. More like a clash on opinions. To me he had done something wrong, and to him, it was more of my fault. It happens. Even after being this long together, you are actually still learning about your partner. So, what do you do about it? Keep it inside, argue or talk it out? What we did was to talk it out. I would tell him what upsets me, he’ll listen and he’ll either defend his actions and tell me his opinion or he would agree with me. It goes both ways. If I have done something that upsets him, or offends him, I expect him to tell me. Face it, I’m no mind reader. I don’t know what is going on in his head.

We do need a little drama in relationship to spice it up. Right? Or to enhance it. I feel so much closer to him right after and argument. After we had the “talk”. But too many arguments is not good in a relationship too. That’s just cause you are incompatible with you partner. Fighting on and on over different small things will not make you closer but will make you grow tired of each other. I’ve been in this situation before and all I wanted was to get over with it. End it. Too much drama is no good too. Like they say, in life, everything must be balanced. Carrier, family, love, money, everything.

Well, it’s just my two cents and how I define life.

  1. I totally agree we are on the same wave length…VIBRATIONS are COOL HUH?
    we are dreamers, Happy Valentines Day my dear!!

    • Same to you!!!

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