Found Love

“Being in love is the best feeling you’ll have…”

In my case, I smile a lot (if not all the time)… Whenever I read his text message, I smile. Whenever I see a picture of us together, I smile.. Whenever he says something really really sweet, my heart skips a beat… Whenever we do something fun together, I laugh real hard. Even when a moment comes that he suddenly enters my mind, I smile. I really feel happy all the time. Never mind the “today’s dramas” I just laugh it out loud and finally forgetting those crazy stuffs that happened.

When you’re in love, you can’t help but count every ticking minutes, waiting for the time to finally see him again. Looking forward to what you two will do together (or just doing nothing). I’m always looking forward to cuddle with him, just cuddle. I love being in his big arms. For when I’m in his arms, I feel safe and secure… Every time our lips met, I feel beautiful… When he touch my face, I feel special… When he tells me “I love you” I feel lucky and blessed.

Every moment with him actually is a bliss. You can’t thank God enough for giving you such a wonderful man, who makes you feel complete and contented.
If there’s really something I need now, it’s him. And I just can’t wait to share my happiness with him and I’m praying (really hard) that all of this will last forever. Because if there’s really one wish I want God to grant me, it’s FOREVER WITH HIM.

I love him, and there is nothing that I would like better than to hold on to him forever.

“Staying beautiful in the eyes of someone you love is the greatest thing you can give them.”


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