The “deep” stuff I probably shouldn’t post on here because it might scare some people away who are less in touch with their feelings…

“Our time apart, like knives in my heart…” -Nickelback

Thought to self:  If you didn’t deny (suppress, and repress) your feelings, you’d feel the same way…

I should probably just shut up before I push you away further, from your own feelings.  You’re – she’s “e strangulated.”

Have you ever loved or cared for someone who didn’t completely love themselves? … who’s life depended upon external validation, and who, when scared, would deny and suppress the very most sacred thing – one’s very essence?

I cannot make her feel… I cannot make her recognize herself.  I cannot make her see the beauty that she has inside.  I know on the outside she appears as though she has it all, but inside she thinks completely the…

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