A Wannabe Carrie Bradshaw

I am okay with being head over heels for this band. I’m watching the Grammy’s and when they was as if their music spoke right through my soul. The melodies and metaphors used in their music is absolute genius. Chris Martin’s voice is something different. Over the years, Coldplay has been torn apart by critics for their music becoming too “pop.” Honestly, I can see that…but their music is still AHHmazing. I have come across many people sharing their Coldplay concert experiences (through blogs, etc)…and after reading their memories…I have decided to experience for myself this great band on June 23, 2012 when they come to Dallas, Texas!!! This band has officially captured my heart..and not many bands can do that. Aside from Coldplay, my other favorite band is Mumford & Sons…and they are JUST as amazing live. I saw them perform in Austin,Texas for an Invisible Children benefit…

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