Don’t Get It

I don’t get it when people who are in a relationship break up, they act like complete strangers, then get back together act like nothing ever happened, and continue to say I love you. And go on with the same count line like “Happy One Year” when just a week ago you were saying “How can one person be my everything, be my nothing now.”.

I don’t get it.

Shouldn’t they start from the beginning when they broke up? A relationship only is so many days old until someone breaks it off.

No matter what the past was, or not, it starts from the beginning when you get back together. Not continue on from the last time.

A relationship, a true one, is sticking through the hard times and the bullshit no matter what. Not breaking up, getting back together, and acting like nothing ever happened let’s continue to say “I Love You.”

It really makes no sense people. -Sigh- I give up. Back to doing my I-pod. D:


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