I have been trying to decide how I wanted to attack the Chris Brown and Rihanna issue on my blog.
Like millions, I watched the #grammys Twitter hashtag explode with little girls and ignorant women extolling their love for Chris Brown, in spite of his “misdeeds”.
“Everyone shut up about Chris brown being a woman beater… he can beat me up all night if he wants,” tweeted one woman.
“I know Rihanna didn’t like it much, but Chris brown you can punch me in the face all you want. #sorrynotsorry #sexy,” wrote another.
‘You can beat me anytime’ seemed to be the general sentiment.
It made me feel sick inside.
That there are women out there who think so little of themselves.
Who think so little of their mothers and sisters and daughters.
The issue of Rihanna now collaborating with Brown has brought the Twitter conversation to light again.

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