We live in a world of prejudice,

Such acts always adjudge by others,

To come clean is hypocrite to others,

To do rightful is deem not necessary,

Because we are not ask for doing so,

Tho` we tried to understand the notion of once mind,

Yet here thy come try to pull a plug,

Dare to challenge our temperament,

Measure our angers and persecuted our inner beliefs,

In dispense of their naive actions,

Thy come ask you to accept and understand,

Even if massive flaws over flown everywhere,

Such attitudes need not to ignore,

Because our pride is compromising,

Do we need to slip through the pretense acts?

Even if it hurts our pride,

Obscure in so many ways,

Gladly, not all humans are like them,

Thanks to some thy intellect use wisely,

Thy attitudes balance their feelings and effuse thy pride and respect,

I highly praised them for…

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