Kicking rocks

There is nothing quite like that moment when you realize you have to replace your wardrobe because nothing fits. It’s like this glorious moment of pride combined with depression about the amount you’re spending at one time.

My recently paid off Peebles card is no longer recently paid off, if that’s any indication. But I did use enough coupons to save nearly as much as I spent. So, I’ll spend the next while paying that damn card off. Again.

But let’s be clear, I ordered like seven shirts, three pairs of jeans, three pairs of work pants, a denim mini skirt just because I CAN, a pair of shorts and two dresses. I did some damage, kids, let me tell ya.

But we should also note that inevitably half of that I won’t like on me or won’t fit, so I’m not too worried. By the time I’m done…

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