Flirt-Texting, or “Flexting”, can be extremely fun when you have recently met someone. You can find out a lot about someone and how good their game is by their flexting game. It’s always nice to make some small talk through text messages. Be wary of a few things, however.

The old double text – when someone writes to you, then you don’t write back and they send you another text. This can either be extremely flattering, or really annoying (depending on if you like the person texting you or not). Tactically, there are times where you will not respond to a text because you know that the texter will double text. When they text you again – you have won. Or sometimes you have just not written back to someone because you don’t care about their life. When they double text you, this gives you opportunity to wish that they didn’t have your number. You can either ignore them (and they might triple text!), tell them to stop texting, or this may just be ammo for more bitching about them with you and your girlfriends (as you might do if your stalker ex won’t stop texting).

You should in no circumstances become a double texter! There are some instances where it is okay to double text though. If you have an iphone, blackberry, or some other type of smartphone (and let’s face it – that’s everyone), then double texting becomes okay. HOWEVER you must send the texts straight after each other. This is okay because your texts are in the same thought and you’re using texting as an instant messaging service. If you wait for too long in between messages, then it just seems lame and like you have been thinking about them and waiting for a response.

No-response-needed-texts – sometimes a guy will text you saying something which really requires no response. You could continue the conversation if you can be bothered – or simply write back with something like “haha” (implying that you don’t have the time or energy to be texting him right now). Or you could use it as a test and not write back. If you don’t write back, he may either:
a) Double Text as soon as he realises that he has sent a no-response-needed-text, or
b) take no further action for now.
Either way, you have won! If he doesn’t write to you again, you can continue the conversation later at your convenience as he was the last one to text you. You can still text him without being a double texter. If you take the course of action of simply writing back “haha” (or equivalent), then DO NOT double text if he doesn’t reply. Don’t be afraid to send a no-response-needed text. A lot of people try to ask 50 questions when text-flirting. While it is nice to try and keep the conversation flowing, if you end EVERY text with a question it can come across like you are trying too hard.

How long should I take to respond??? I know some people who have rules about how long they wait to respond to someone when flexting. I think in this age of smartphones that you should just write back when you get a chance. If you’re busy, then don’t write back.. If not, then just write back. It’s stupid to try and pretend you don’t have your phone, because we live in a time where EVERYONE has their phone on them at all times. If you are actually busy, then write back when you get a chance and don’t apologise for the late reply… He will get over it. Perhaps he will even Double-Text while waiting for your response. One thing I will say is if he takes a day to respond to you, then don’t immediately write back to him.. Don’t match the time that he took (I took 4 hours to respond to one guy and he took another 4 hours to write back.. Then I took 2 and he took 2…. It was a little TOO coincidental!), but also don’t respond immediately if he’s taking forever all the time.

Keep texts short and cute. Don’t let the tone of the conversation get too serious. Flexting should be fun and ultimately make the person you are texting want to see you in person. Try to stick to 1-2 conversation topics at once. (Eg. “Hey how was your day today? Did your meeting go well? What are you doing tonight? I bet you’re tired after work? I’m just sitting at home watching tv. xxxx” – this is an example of NOT keeping it short and cute!! and if someone sent that to me, I’d be thinking “chill the fuck out!!”)

Sexting – Sometimes it is inevitable that the conversation will turn dirty. Depending on the situation, it may be okay to tell this guy that you wanna put your lips around his cock. Feel free to tell him how wet you are, and how you have hard nipples. However I would highly recommend to never send naked pics of yourself to anyone. Sure you might love him and be in a relationship, but it takes one click and that shit could go viral. If you fancy having naked pics of yourself over the internet, then go and be a porn star and at least get paid for it. Don’t let some freak or ex boyfriend have the fun of sending your naked vagina out globally.


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