HOW many of us have been with a guy or in a relationship with someone and they tell you that ”she’s just a friend” or ”she’s like a sister” Well I guess guys are out here fucking their relatives.. or already have and you haven’t discovered it yet..  The possibilities are ENDLESS with guys, I’m bias but not so much on this topic..

There’s so much to a ”she’s my sister” than the term it’s self. My girlfriend and I had this conversation yesterday that if you’ve known someone for years then you should understand that, but I told her numbers on a relationship and friendship don’t mean anything. You can know someone for 10+ years, if you two have the same feelings for one another and the opportunity arises, you would take it and risk your friendship/relationship to fulfill that “temporary feeling.”

Then still say that female is like a sister, but she’s NOT anymore she’s far from it and more than what you’re admitting to yourself..  In relationships when you have someone “Just a sister/brother” and you’ve had sexual intercourse with them, you need to rethink that situation.. That’s no longer a friendship.. That’s something else

When she’s just a friend these are things YOU DON’T DO:

You don’t sex sexual pictures of each other

You don’t sneak behind your parnters backs to get a quickie in

You don’t kiss other people (that’s more intimate to me than fucking)

You don’t be a pshycopath

You do lie to your spouse just to keep the ”friendship” you’ve had for so many years

You don’t hurt the one you love for the one you like

Sometimes I just wish everybody would just be straight up with each other. That way there is no guessing and beating around the bush.


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