It is common knowledge that it is in the human psyche to want things that we can’t have. A child can have a toy that they have never touched, but if someone takes the toy away then suddenly it is hot property!

This can be compared to picking up girls. Guys, if you make yourself too available to girls, then you suddenly become less attractive to them. Girls enjoy a challenge, and when they know that they’ve got you wrapped around their little finger, they will be less interested. Sure – they will string you along and make you think that you have a chance!! But you won’t ever actually get anywhere. Girls love attention, so the fact that you always answer her calls and text her 50 times a day will make her like you and encourage your stalking… You may think that you’re in because she always flirts back. But she won’t actually reward you with sex. She will just lead you on and mess with your head.

The way to make a girl want you is to not care (or at least pretend you don’t care). If you give off an aloof attitude and make it a CHALLENGE for the girl to get you, then she will accept that challenge and work hard for your affections. Everyone likes a bit of drama, so give the girl something to stress over!

I’ve gotta get to a meeting right now, so I will write more about this later!! But guys, it’s all about having the CONFIDENCE to make it seem like you DON’T CARE if a girl is in your life or not. Then she will make the effort to make sure she IS in your life… And if she doesn’t, well then she’s not really worth it, is she?


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