All Grown Up

We spend years chasing something that always seems to elude us. Then we wake up one day and figure out it was there all along, and you can’t hit ‘rewind’.

This is about growing up and how it happens….

It happens in days and years, and minutes. Growing up happens before you realize it has and after you stop asking yourself if it ever will.

It happens the summer after high school grad, right before going to college. Happens at your first job interview. It happens after your first love dumps you and you’ve spent the night eating ice cream while on the phone with your best friend. It happens at the Ministry of Transportation, in line for your driver’s license. It happens when you fail a class, and when your name shows up on honour roll. It happens when your team loses the ‘Big Game’; it happens when your team wins the ‘Big Game’. It happens on your birthday. On your friend’s birthday. It happens with you first car, first apartment. It happens when the family dog dies. It happens with your first legal alcoholic drink, and with your first illegal alcoholic drink.

Growing up happens when you get married, when you have a child. It happens when you bury your parents. It happens when you sleep and dream. It happens when you retire, when you start to work. It happens when the seasons change, when the year comes to an end. It happens with every sock you lose, with every hair cut. It happens when you turn one and when you turn 101… It happens when you’ve stopped waiting for it to happen and when you stop looking. It happens slowly, and quickly at the same time. It happens when you are looking for it, and when you aren’t.

We spend years trying to rush ourselves into “growing up”, not understanding that it happens everyday, with the smallest things and most monumental things. Every time we fall and skin our knee, every time we look in the mirror, head out of the house.
It happens everyday.


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