Child’s Innocence

What do you see when you look at this little girl?  Love? Happiness? Innocence?  These are the things children should be filled with but things happen sometimes and their innocence is stripped from them, leaving them with fear.  What is a little girl to do when those closest to her betray her and violate her innocent and pure love?  She learns that to be loved she must be a certain way.  She learns that love is not unconditional.  She learns that she is not valued for herself but for the things she can do.  She learns that not everyone can be trusted.  She grows into a woman who can’t love in a healthy way.  She becomes a woman who doesn’t know how to receive healthy love.  She becomes a mother who fears she will be a bad mother, too.  She has to work hard every day and learning who she truly is, how truly lovable and valuable she is and how none of the abuse was her fault.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  Well it’s not, but she has to deal with the basket of apples she was given.

What will you do to make sure a child’s innocence is not taken away?


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