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Thanks to the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), even if gay couples reside in a state that allows same-sex marriage, they won’t be getting the same tax benefits afforded to their straight counterparts.

“Take a married gay couple with two children, for example. If they claim two dependents, have combined salaries of $100,000, and one of them files as a head of household and has the partner on an employer-supplied health-insurance plan at a cost of $5,000, the couple’s tax liability will total $15,199, compared with $10,656 for a married heterosexual couple with two children, the same income and the same health insurance who file jointly on a single tax return,” reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The benefits afforded to straight couples don’t stop just there either, in fact it follows them all the way to the grave. “By default, assets left behind by a husband or wife who…

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