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Love. Love is an overused theme, lyric, and topic. It is romantic, dreamy, and certainly something everyone in the world wants, needs, and seeks. But is love truly romantic and dreamy if you kill yourself because of the person you meet less than a week ago died? Love is supposed to be sweet and wonderful not deadly and toxic-like. When you listen to the short summaries of Romeo and Juliet, their love seems sweet and wonderful. However, if you read the book and think about what really had happened, it sounds not so romantic. Even thought William Shakespeare is a great writer, Romeo and Juliet should not be taught in school because it is inappropriate and it gives students false sense of love.

When I read my first play written by Shakespeare, I didn’t understand any of the content. The old English was difficult for me to understand. From the beginning, I was confusing when one of the characters said “cut off their heads.”  As I was getting frustrated, I used No Fear Shakespeare and understood what it actually meant. The meaning was inappropriate and unnecessary. We, the high school students, are already exposed to inappropriateness, but to discuss and learn about that in class is shocking. I may be over reacting, but if we everything we do is improper, why do we learn about the ways to be inappropriate in old English?

After I read the play, I felt as if Romeo didn’t love Juliet but like they only had physical attraction to each other. Romeo may have thought that he loved Juliet, but he could have loved her like how he loved Rosaline and moved on quick after he found Juliet. From the play, I thought they wore saying it’s okay to kill yourself, if you truly love them, but that is not what love is. Love is patience with each other and caring for the other person as if the partner was you. True love is not quick sex and get-married. For the other person, even if it kills you to see he/her go, you have to let it go. If she was the one dead, she would probably want you to live and be happy.


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