Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Sean Paul hasn’t been fully released yet but already has caused a stir across several continents.

Sean Paul released his fifth studio album,Tomahawk Technique in late January, via Atlantic Records (Warner Music Group). This hails as the prominent deejay’s first album since his successful 2009 compilation, Imperial Blaze which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album the following year.

Tomahawk Technique was unveiled across various regions such as Japan, Mexico, South Africa and many European countries like Belgium, France, Germany as well as Switzerland. Since its release, the 12-track album currently holds the eighth position on the iTunes Top Ten Albums Chartin Germany while taking sixth position on charts in Switzerland and Austria.

However, its greatest success was in Japan where it topped their iTunes charts within its first week. Currently, it sits at number 10 in the East…

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