Practising voodoo and black magic seem to have become commonplace in Jamaica that a secret society based in Montego Bay, St James, is now publicly advertising its services.

House of Power Society has been advertising several services in local newspapers and on its website.

While in its newspaper ad the company has only promoted its ‘prosperity handkerchief’, online it goes much further selling things such as love spells and revenge curses.

The society on its website also claimed to be able to assist anyone to get rich, win court cases, become famous or get back their lost lover among other things.

The prices quoted on the website for their rituals are based in US dollars starting from US$45 (J$3,915) for a handkerchief to as much as US$680 (J$59,160) for ‘Power and Money Spell’.

Interestingly, Jamaican voodoo ‘Do It Yourself Kits’ with complete instructions are also advertised with a selling price…

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