Since the beginning of time, mankind has been trying to figure out what a relationship is precisely. We try to define it in simple terms. We try to make our relationships into something wonderful. In many cases, relationships are truly wonderful. There are people the world over who are looking for love. And to find love, you need to know relationship facts. These are what make true love tick. And the hands on the clock never stop moving.

So what are the relationship facts that everyone should know about?

Whether you’re single or married, it’s important to remember that maintaining a relationship takes time and effort. When you’ve been married as long as I have, you begin to realize that it’s not all about you. When you’re single, you have the ability to do what you want, when you want, and wherever you want. This kind of freedom gives you the ability for exploration of the world and of your own personality.

Fact: Relationships change your life in big ways. If you’re dating someone, you still have the ability to be the master of your domain. When you’re single or dating, you can spend as much money as you want without the fear of being criticized or getting in trouble with a long term partner. You have the freedom to have a messy house and dirty dishes piled in the kitchen sink.

When you get into a relationship, you have to let go of some of your bad habits in favor of accommodating your partner. People do this, primarily because they want to impress the significant other in their life, and they want that person to stick around. In relationships, you change a lot about yourself to keep your partner. However, it’s important not to change too much. Still maintain your own sense of individuality.


You’re no longer a me; you’re a we. Personally, I always preferred being a “we,” because it meant I had a male companion in my life. Sure, it made me a little more grounded and perhaps a bit limited, but I enjoy the company of another. At the same time, though, I didn’t want to lose the person I was as an individual. If you’re in a relationship at the expense of your individuality, it’s time to cut the love strings.

If I found myself in a bad relationship or a relationship that simply wasn’t working, I knew that it was time to let go. If I wasn’t happy, there was no potential for the relationship to grow. And if there was no potential for the relationship to grow, I knew I’d be miserable in the end.

If you know that being single will make you happy, be single. It’s better to be single and happy than to be committed and miserable.


There will always be another relationship. When you break up, it may seem like you are frozen in time. But the truth is that there will always be another relationship. There will always be new lips to kiss. And if you’re truly lucky, there will eventually be a ring on your left ring finger.


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