1 a short period of enjoyment or wild behavior : one final fling before a tranquil retirement.

  • a short, spontaneous sexual relationship : I had a fling with someone when I was at college.

I’ve flung before. Flings are fun. Anything light-hearted with full disclosure of limited termness is something I’ll sign up for.

But there are rules. I’ve just mentioned one (full disclosure). Let me holler at you some more:

  1. Full disclosure. I’ve said it three times now. It’s important. Talking about expectations, sexual history, and everything in-between doesn’t have to be overly emotional or weird, but it does need to happen.
  2. Light-hearted. Flings are meant to be fun and enjoyable. If you find yourself decompressing on some poor young thing, then you probably should reassess your fling-readiness.
  3. Non-binding. Although while flinging, I feel a certain level of monogamy is expected and even required, this doesn’t mean once the fling is over you have any hold on the person. A good fling-er will allow the appropriate time to pass before perusing a friendship (hello StalkerBook), but expecting a relationship from a fling is just a little much.
  4. Dutch treat rules. A fling is not a relationship. Don’t treat is a such. He/She should not be buying you dinner, presents, or anything of the like. This is as much for you as for the other person. If you go muddying the lines, you are just asking for crazytown.
  5. Safe. A fling should always, always, leave you better off than it found you – both physically and emotionally.
  6. And, finally, short. A fling isn’t meant to last years upon years. If it doesn’t, you are involved in something else. What? I have no idea.

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