What Is Love?

What is love…? Love is something simple. But there is good love, and bad love. But I want to talk about good love here. What me and my boyfriend have.

Ever had someone that made you breathless with every sight? Someone that makes your knees shake every time he or she takes a glance at you?
Yes… You know who I mean… The love of your life.

That person that makes you feel strong, and that makes you feel like you can take on the entire world. That person you feel compfy with, and that can raise you up, even when you’re struck to the ground.

I know I have someone like that, and it feels magnificent. You’re blessed if you have someone like that. A girl or boyfriend, that you love, and that gives you the respect and love back that you deserve.

Let me tell you, finding love like that is rare. But when you have something good, you have to hold on to it. Because a lot of people don’t know how precious it is. And when it feels right, the things that feel good and right will happen.

And something I learned is this… To love, age is only a number. There is no age to loving someone. There is no age to love someone forever. And when you find love (trust me, you’ll never feel like you’re ready for it at first) you’ll feel good. And if it remains something good after the first few months, and the love doesn’t go away, you’ve got yourself something really good.

And to all the people saying: “I think we’re going too fast…” I say no, if something feels right, and it feels good, then you can’t go too fast.

So with that in mind. Who do you love? And how does it make you feel?


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